Boot Trays

Handcrafted Metal Boot Tray

Handcrafted Metal Boot Tray

Originally posted June 1, 2007.

Some homes have wonderful entry ways with coat racks and umbrella stands. And some do not. Sometimes you open the door right into your living room and your bags, coats and shoes, get dumped in the nearest available spot.

The summer months can be especially muddy. Why not avoid getting mud on your carpet and try one of these fabulous boot trays? They’re stylish enough to stay out in the open and do a great job of keeping muddy footwear contained.

Lillian Vernon Handcrafted Metal Boot Tray

This is a beautiful galvanized metal tray almost too pretty to dump dirty shoes into. It has a beautiful copper finish and embossed detailing and it’s big enough to hold everyone’s boots.

Gardeners English Boot Trays

This is a more utilitarian option made of recycled plastic. Not only does this one hold the entire family’s shoes but you can rinse it clean in the sink when it gets really nasty.

Ballard Boot Tray

This is another highly decorative choice also made of antique copper finished galvanized metal. It comes in either a plain quilted or fleur-de-lis quilted design.


Gardeners English Boot Trays

Gardeners English Boot Trays


Ballard Boot Tray

Ballard Boot Tray



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