About The Urban Rowhouse

RowHouse MagazineThe Urban Rowhouse is the new home of RowHouse Magazine! Although our format and name have changed, we still have the same mission.

We love our row houses! We think the row house is the epitome of urban dwelling. It’s the best of many worlds. We love the charm and history of the row house. We champion its versatility. We admire its modest uniformity.

We’ve found that sharing a wall with your neighbors means you have to get to know them. You might not be able to blast your stereo at 3 a.m. but if you’re amicable enough, you will find unparalleled community, brotherhood and spirit.

With every article, we’re learning that a row house is more than a type of home, it’s a lifestyle. Row house owners are fiercely attached to being attached. Row house owners include every race, ethnicity, creed and economic demographic. Being attached may not be a lifestyle for everyone but those who live the row house life, live it to the fullest their, sometimes, limited space allows.

Despite assumptions and first glances, each row house is unique. Owners face challenges that conventional homeowners and apartment dwellers don’t have. We discovered quite a few ourselves, personally.

We’re not about perfect… we’re about perfect for you. We do like being tidy but, realistically, we understand you might not do the dishes every night (hint… stacked dishes look OK even if they’re dirty). Organization is also a great thing but some people just don’t want to get rid of everything they own. We may love antiques and doilies but we can appreciate clean modern lines just as well.

Ten years ago, there wasn’t any one place to get ideas. Most magazines catered to people who own larger homes with large grounds, detached garages, attics, basements and other attributes many row home owners don’t have. Many lost sight of what it means to work within a small budget. Very few understood that a small space means multiple people living in a space less than 1,000 square feet, so we started RowHouse Magazine to share our row house adventure. Today, we’re happy to know of kindred spirits who write about living in row houses and love to see row houses featured on our favorite websites. It makes us proud to promote attached homes!


9 thoughts on “About The Urban Rowhouse

  1. Anne says:

    So excited to stumble upon your blog. I grew up in a row house in Philly and my husband and I now oven a row house in Pittsburgh. We’re currently trying to recreate the Victorian door surround that was ripped off years ago. Looking forward to more from your site.

    • bklynwebgrrl says:

      I’m currently working on a guide to Victorian row houses and will include pictures. If you send a photo of your row house, I can try to find intact doors around here that might be useful.

      • Anne Parys says:

        I’ve attached a photo. We figured finding an intact door could be a needle in a haystack, so we’ve been purchasing vintage pieces, such and corbels and stained glass and are planning to build a new surround using older pieces. We’re going to knock out and repour the steps while we’re at it. Would love to read you book when it’s published. Cheers, Anne

  2. Angie says:

    Just bought a row home and love this blog. We have so many original details it’s hard to decide what stay and what goes in order to update it with care.

    • bklynwebgrrl says:

      That’s excellent! It is very hard to decide. I’ve seen horrible updating where you ask yourself why the owners bothered to buy an older house. And then, there are the really great updates. that make wonderful sense. I wish I could share the homes I view on our local house tour. There was a fantastic update of a 18th Century home that totally make it efficient and green but didn’t lose any of the historic character and retained as many original details as possible. Please let us know how we can help! Best – Suzanne @ Rowhouse 🙂

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