row house garage

Distinguished Row House Garage Doors

Parking is often a challenge for urban row house dwellers. If you have a newer home, or adjacent property, you might be able to enjoy the luxury of a garage or off-street parking. And, if you are lucky enough to have a garage, chances are, it will have a door, or a parking space gate. … Continue reading Distinguished Row House Garage Doors


Things for Your Row House from Rowhouse

Of course, if the store sign says Rowhouse, I am going to go in. See how the "H" looks like a little house? Irresistible! Inside, we found a wonderful collection of vintage and antique home items at accessible prices, tended to by proprietor Linda Westphal who was kind enough to let my daughter entertain herself … Continue reading Things for Your Row House from Rowhouse

RowHouse Magazine Resources: Renovation & Restoration

Row houses come in every age. If you have an older row home and you wish to preserve the authenticity, the following resources may prove useful. 18th Century Restoration Adkins Architectural Antiques All About Shutters American Tin Ceiling B&B Hardware Ball and Ball Bauerware Cabinet Hardware Guardian Door House of Antique Hardware Liz's Antique Hardware … Continue reading RowHouse Magazine Resources: Renovation & Restoration

Keep your stuff! Organizing your things.

RowHouse Magazine Resources: Home Organization

• Hold Everything • Organize Everything • Rubbermaid • The Clear Box Company • The Container Store • Tupperware Please note that listing a product or company here is not an endorsement of the product and/or its quality. Listings here are meant to be useful and informative but not promotional. Companies listed here have not paid compensation to … Continue reading RowHouse Magazine Resources: Home Organization